Over 11,000 people in 39 countries around the world use Poznań's ideas! Rockwool is looking for new specialists to work with

That's the Poznań office where ideas, improvements, and solutions used by ROCKWOOL Group factories and offices around the world are created. The company is a world leader in the production of rock mineral wool for building insulation, as well as a supplier of solutions improving acoustics and fire safety. And although these materials are not produced in Poznań, the competence centre located here develops business, technical, accounting, financial, and IT solutions for the entire company. Therefore, engineers, developers, IT and purchasing specialists, as well as accountants and business controllers are in demand.

Rockwool celebrates 5 years in Poznań: opening of a new office and further employment growth - grafika artykułu
Rockwool celebrates 5 years in Poznań: opening of a new office and further employment growth

- Rockwool Global Business Service Center is an example of success in Poznań way. Within 5 years, the RGBS center in Poznań has increased its employment more than threefold and is currently expanding its competencies and planning further recruitment. This means that the investment climate in Poznań contributes to development. Our market offers not only a great location, high quality of life, and an attractive offer of office space, but above all highly qualified, talented employees. I am glad that RGBS is not slowing down and is becoming a significant part of the Rockwool group and the Poznań labour market - says Jacek Jaśkowiak, Mayor of Poznań.

ROCKWOOL has been operating in Poznań for five years and celebrates the anniversary with the change of the office location, which results from the company's development and new recruitments. In the beginning, 100 people worked here, today - 350, and another 80 people will be employed by 2023.

- With the increase of production and sales in ROCKWOOL factories, the demand for organisational and business support of our plants is growing. And since the team from Poznań has gained great recognition over the last five years, a decision was made to dynamically develop this office. Not only the number of employed specialists is growing, but also the areas of competence that the management board transfers to us, to Poznań - claims Ewelina Płocieniczak, RGBS Director.

The growing RGBS team has just moved to the Nowy Rynek office complex in the centre of Poznań. This is another element thanks to which the company meets the needs of its employees.

- When choosing the new headquarters of the company, we had no doubts - we focused on the New Market Square in Poznań. Why? Because this place has everything that a modern company that listens to the needs of its employees requires. It is just a few steps from the Stary Browar and a few minutes' walk from the Poznan MTP Expo, the city centre can be seen from the windows. This place has a soul, on the one hand, it is surrounded by parks and on the other one - by the historic buildings of Wilda. We wanted no one to have problems with getting to work, so we chose a spot at the intersection of the most important communication lines, in the heart of a dynamically developing district. When it comes to the interior of our new office, you can say (as befits a Scandinavian company) that you can definitely feel hygge here! - says Joanna Kaźmierczak, RGBS Office Manager.

The new office reflects the entire philosophy of the ROCKWOOL Group, according to which the buildings we spend time in have an impact on our health, well-being, and productivity. That is why the company pays so much attention to recycling, saving water, and reducing CO2 emissions. And all solutions for factories designed in Poznań must meet strict ecological standards. Therefore, RGBS is undoubtedly a good workplace for green technology enthusiasts.

- We form a team of competent and committed employees who support the ROCKWOOL group in a comprehensive manner. And this is unique because thanks to various, diverse departments - everyone can find something for themselves. And he/she can broaden competencies both through promotions and participation in projects, but also through changing the department. In addition to employee development, relationships between people are of great importance to us. Therefore, at Rockwool, there is no barrier: boss-employee. We are all equal, we all have a voice and space for ourselves" - adds Paula Szymańska, RGBS HR Manager.

Many foreign companies locate their business centres in Poland. However, most of them are dedicated to accounting, administration, or IT. What distinguishes RGBS (Rockwool Global Business Service Center) is its very wide range of competencies and the number of international projects in which employees participate. Machines and production lines, which are later implemented in factories around the world, are designed here. Mobile applications and other IT solutions, which facilitate the daily work of ROCKWOOL and its clients, are also created and maintained in the capital of Wielkopolska region. Purchases and tenders for the entire group take place here, too. Moreover, graphic materials, animations, and videos, which are used by marketing departments around the world, are also designed in Poznań, while specialists take an active part in the area of ​​controlling, reporting, sales support, and tax services.

The ROCKWOOL company comes from Denmark and has its headquarters near Copenhagen. That is why even in Poznań RGBS you can see the Danish work culture. Here, every employee has an active influence on the organisation of work, can implement her/his ideas regardless of the position, and in addition to undoubted professionalism, there is a calm and informal atmosphere here. Internal research also shows that new employees appreciate the recruitment and onboarding process very much.

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