Poznan is placed the 7th in TOP10 of the Best Cities for Remote Working

The capital of the Greater Poland was ranked seventh among cities with the best remote work. The list included 142 cities from across Europe.

The photo shows a panorama of Poznan at sunset, the Baltic building in the center - grafika artykułu
Average Internet speed in Poznan is close to the European average

The ranking was prepared by Ovo Network. It took into account such characteristics as crime rate, internet speed, English language skills of residents, transportation costs, apartment rent and monthly pass for gym and coworking space. Accessibility to the sea or mountains was also important.

In first place was Krakow. On the podium are also Vienna and the Romanian Timisoara. From among the Polish cities, except for Poznan, Łódź (4th place) and Warsaw (8th place) were also in the top ten. In addition, among the best cities for remote work are also Kharkiv, Lviv and St. Petersburg, and the "top ten" closes Belgrade.

Poznan is on a high, 7th place, among others because the crime rate here is 10% lower than the average in the European countries. On the other hand, the average internet speed in the capital city of Wielkopolska is close to the European average, and residents of Poznań enjoy an excellent knowledge of English when communicating with foreigners. The average price of monthly entry to the coworking space in Poznan is 134 euros, while the average in Europe is 178 euros.

High positions of Polish cities are due to the fact that the country is becoming more and more popular among foreigners, especially in summer. During the season, the number of attractions and leisure opportunities is even greater, which is appreciated mainly by young people traveling around the world. The crime rate in Poland is 13% lower than the average in European countries, and the cost of monthly public transport tickets is 50% of the average ticket value in Europe.

The list also includes cities where remote working is the most difficult. In the last three positions are Naples, Bilbao and London. Naples has significantly lowered the ranking by having a very high crime rate, slow internet, and poor English levels of their residents. Bilbao does not boast good English skills, and London loses out to high prices and a very high crime rate.

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