Poznań's half-year business summary

The past six months were an extremely intense and productive period for Poznań. The market downturn and reduced activities as a result of the pandemic didn't slow down the City's development. The effects of the activities are visible both in the number of new investments and their quality.

Poznań's half-year business summary - grafika artykułu
Poznań's half-year business summary

New Investors

Since the beginning of the year, Poznań has welcomed several new investors. In particular, the IT industry, which is a source of pride for the City, has grown in strength. SIS (Strategic Industry Solutions), headquartered in the US city of Duluth, joined the ranks of companies operating in Poznań. The new office has become home to the Kyiv branch, which decided to move to its western neighbour. In Poznań, it will support all SIS operations. The company is dedicated to providing solutions for the project and service industries, helping to manage all stages of the supply and service lifecycle. It provides complete project management, project accounting, business analysis and CRM software. SIS bases its operations on Microsoft Dynamics 365, as a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner. Through its comprehensive 365.academy project, SIS offers a paid internship programme from which it later selects its staff. The Scandinavian entrepreneurial spirit was brought to Poznan by two IT companies from Finland: BestCoders and Tietoevry. The first one combines Polish specialists with the needs of the Finnish market for IT services and consultancy. BestCoders offers a wide range of high-end ICT projects. Tietoevry, on the other hand, will open one of its European 5G technology development centres in Poznań. It is a leading technology company with a global reach. It employs experts specialising in cloud, data and software solutions. Up to 400 employees specialising in internet networks and telecommunications in the broadest sense will find employment in the capital of Wielkopolska. The Poznań start-up community has also gained a new player. We are talking about the Ukrainian company Sigma Software Labs, which is based on the synergy of product business and IT services. Its focus is mainly on pre-seed and early-stage investments. Sigma Software Labs is an active participant in the Ukrainian and international startup community. It also has its partners in the Polish market, where it will now develop new and ambitious ideas by sharing its experience.

Further Successes In Poznań

The development has not bypassed Poznań's existing investors either.  Rockwool Global Business Services, the Poznań centre belonging to the Rockwool Group, has expanded its existing activities with new operational and technological functions such as engineering and purchasing or research and development. As the world's leading producer of rockwool, Rockwool has decided to continue its growth with a particular focus on the growth of the Poznan office. It is here that the European centre of excellence will be established. Another success story belongs to a new employer in the Poznań market. Haleon has opened its first office in Poznań. It was established as a result of the spin-off of the consumer healthcare products segment from the pharmaceutical company GSK. The Haleon Hub in Poznań is a global centre that supports processes and services worldwide on a daily basis. It employs more than 400 specialists from the areas of IT, finance, HR and purchasing.

From Cannes To Poznań

A summary of Poznań's successes is impossible without the annual investors' feast - the international property fair MIPIM. Organised for years in Cannes, it is an opportunity for cities to present themselves at their best. During the event, the investment offer of the City of Poznań is presented. Currently, there are 14 plots for sale and 1 plot which can be rented or leased. The city's properties are located both in the centre and in the more remote areas of the city. They include very large plots, e.g. in the Franowo area, as well as smaller locations. The majority of the properties are intended for housing and services, but there is also plenty of land for warehouses, production facilities and car parks.

Meanwhile, in June, ITCorner 2022 Members' Congress, of which Poznań was both partner and host, took place. This important event for the IT industry brought together many experts to participate in panel discussions and lectures. The main subject was the issue of the "turbulence-resilient company".

On 24 November, Poznań will host the fourth edition of the Pozitive Technologies conference. The event is organised in a hybrid formula by the City of Poznań in cooperation with IT companies. It focuses on various thematic tracks in the IT industry, including data, DevOps tools and technologies or cyber security, during which experts will lead debates, presentations and lectures.

Poznań Business Tigers

The hard work in Poznań does not remain hidden. This is evidenced by the numerous awards that have been granted both to the City and the Investor Relations Department for their contribution to its development. In the independent fDi Intelligence ranking "European Cities and Regions of the Future 2022/2023", the capital of Wielkopolska was ranked 5th in the general classification of medium-sized cities. Poznań also appeared in the top ten in categories such as business friendliness; strategy for attracting foreign direct investment; economic potential; overall classification. This year's ranking is particularly pleasing, as it confirms last year's excellent business performance. Another distinction for Poznań has been awarded internationally. The capital of Wielkopolska was awarded the title of the Business-Friendly City of the Year in terms of local government support. The award was given during the annual Future of Emerging Europe Summit and Awards 2022 gala organised by Emerging Europe in Brussels.

Attention was also paid to the Investor Relations Department team. During the jubilee gala of the Top Woman in Real Estate competition, the girls from the BOI were awarded in the Best Team category, which is for teams managed by women who have stood out in the past year in the sector and who are dedicated to providing services for real estate investors. A strong female team has always been one of our department's strengths, and now it has been further recognised nationally.

- We are very pleased that the Investor Relations Department was awarded the title of Best Team. Working in such a unique and ambitious team built of women provides new inspirations every day. Together we are not afraid to take up even the most difficult challenges. This is a great distinction. I believe that we will manage to repeat this success also in the following years - says head of the department Katja Lõžina.

Another award was also given to the leaders of the Investor Relations Department: the Head, Katja Lõžina. and Deputy Head, Katarzyna Sobocińska. They were awarded the title of Business Tigers by Pro Progressio. These are people who have significantly influenced the development of the BSS sector, participated in business and CSR activities and represented organisations that have actively developed in the last year.

Why Poznań?

For the third time, the Investor Relations Department also succeeded in realising a unique promotional project for the city, the folder MOVE TO IMPROVE.  The twenty-four pages report contains the answer to the most important question: "Why Poznań?". It is a collection of data about the investment potential of the city and all the assets that make it so attractive.

There is always a lot to do in Poznań.  The first half of the year has only rekindled the ambition for further success and the drive to develop the City, which is achieving further successes every day. Expect to hear from us again soon!

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