Visit to the twin city of Assen

Poznan City Hall is strengthening its cooperation with the Dutch city of Assen - the greenest city in the Netherlands in 2023 - in climate and energy cooperation.

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Representatives of the City of Poznan visited the Dutch city of Assen

The Dutch city of Assen invited representatives from the Climate and Environment Department to discuss the energy and environmental challenges of our partner cities. During the two-day visit, representatives from Assen Municipality presented us with the city's ambitions and plans, the energy situation and how energy consumption data is managed. Poznań, on the other hand, presented its preparations for the implementation of the commitments of the Covenant of Mayors on Climate and Energy, which we joined in 2023. Assen signed the Agreement back in 2018. Joining our city to the Covenant will help to regulate the city's energy and climate policy. Find more about the initiative:

Our partner in the Netherlands is an excellent example of climate and environmental action and sustainable urban development. We could see this during the presentation given by our colleagues from various departments of the Assen City Hall. The topics of the meetings mainly covered the urban energy transition, particularly in terms of diagnosing the scale of the energy poverty problem at city level, setting targets and an action plan for its prevention, education and reduction. In addition, we discussed the collection and management of waste, planning and strategic documents, implementation of mitigation and adaptation measures, management of rainwater and snowmelt and a sustainable lifestyle of the residents of Assen. Some interesting facts about our partner - in 2023 Assen won the title of the greenest city in the Netherlands.

The Poznań delegation was welcomed at the Office by the Mayor of Assen himself, Marco Out. We also met with Assen City Councillors and Authority representatives from the areas of energy transition and energy data analytics, EU project management and international cooperation. We also visited the municipal units of the Assen Sustainability Centre and Techhub Assen. The former is a place of environmental education for all residents of Assen Municipality and external visitors of all ages, and was built according to the idea of sustainability, i.e. using innovative heating and cooling solutions and natural and recycled materials. TechHub Assen, on the other hand, is a place to bring together entrepreneurs, institutions and students to use innovation to create the technologies of the future. The collaboration developing here, based on engineering expertise and business experience, is set to transform Assen and the surrounding area into a strong, innovative knowledge region.

Assen has been our partner city for 32 years, with a population of more than 60,000, located in the heart of the northern Netherlands in the province of Drenthe. In addition to the old buildings in the city centre, modern buildings are erected as well. There are Celtic and Roman tombs in the Assen area, and a museum of prehistoric monuments is active in the city."Assen - a city among trees" - this is how the city, nestled among parks and picturesque villages, is often referred to. It is also known for hosting World Superbike and Dutch TT Moto Grand Prix races.