The programme of scholarships for students preparing themselves for taking up a job in Poznań. The City of Poznań encourages local companies and students to use the financial support for pre-employment apprenticeships. For whom?

  • An apprenticeship may be organized by a company seated (with its branch office or office) in Poznań.
  • A scholarship may be granted to a student of a university of Poznań who lives in Poznań and will be accepted by the organizer to complete the apprenticeship. A scholarship may exceptionally be granted to a person who does not live in Poznań as long as the remaining conditions have been fulfilled.

Objective of the programme

  • Supporting students living in Poznań and facilitating them to be accepted for attractive apprenticeships and to receive jobs in local companies.
  • Supporting companies to reduce the costs of the apprenticeships.
  • Creating new jobs - the apprentice must be employed by the organizer of the apprenticeship once it has been completed and the job must be maintained for a period of 6 months.


  • The scholarship is granted for a maximum period of 6 months.
  • The scholarship may be used for covering the total or part of the costs of the apprenticeship in Poland or abroad, including training, travel, living and accommodation costs.
  • The Mayor of the City decides on the amount of the scholarship based on the cost estimate of the apprenticeship submitted by the organizer by taking into account the number of submitted applications and the amount of available resources.


  • The application is submitted by the organizer of the apprenticeship and the candidate apprentice.
  • Address for submitting applications: Urząd Miasta Poznania, pl. Kolegiacki 17, Poznań
  • Dates for submitting applications: four times a year until: 31 March, 30 June, 31 October or 31 December of the respective year.

Legal basis:,78504/


The rules and regulations, contract template, application form and information clause on the processing of personal data may be downloaded:

Contact data, detailed information:

  • Edyta Fila, tel. +48 61 878 4994, e-mail address:
  • Investor Relations Department, tel. +48 61 878 5428, e-mail address:

* If you need more information in English, please download the file FAQ: the program of scholarships for students in Poznan

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