Other companies

Amazon is an American trading company that deals in B2C e-commerce and runs the world's largest online store. In order to meet the current and future demand, Amazon has opened a modern logistics center in Sady near Poznań, in the Tarnowo Podgórne commune. The center has been integrated with the European Fulfillment Network and is one of the three logistics centers that Amazon operates in Poland. The center has an area of ​​95,000 square meters (13 football pitches) and sends thousands of articles every day throughout Europe.

Apart is the undisputed leader in the jewelery industry in terms of financial results (turnover, net profit), number of stores (nearly 200), number of employees (about 2000 people). In 2005, the construction of a modern company headquarters was completed in Poznań's Suchy Las district. The previous place of the company's activity has been fully adapted to the needs of production.

Jerónimo Martins - a Portuguese company that owns the Biedronka and Hebe retail chains. The company employs over 47 thousand employees in Poland. Since 2011, Jerónimo Martins operates a shared services center in Poznań employing 200 people.

Lidl - a German discount store chain operating in 26 European countries. The company's registered office is located in Jankowice, in the municipality of Tarnowo Podgórne, near Poznań, where one of the nine Lidl distribution centers in Poland is also located.

Pepco is a European discount chain offering clothing and home products. In Poznań, there is the company's headquarters, which employs over 500 people. Worldwide, Pepco employs 16,000 employees.

StethoMe to startup telemedyczny, skoncentrowany na rozwoju algorytmów sztucznej inteligencji (AI) oraz telemedycynie. StethoMe jest twórcą inteligentnego stetoskopu oraz systemu do analizy dźwięków, wykrywającego nieprawidłowe dźwięki osłuchowe w płucach. Dzięki zastosowaniu nowoczesnej technologii AI możliwe jest przeprowadzenie badania osłuchowego samodzielnie w domu. Rozwiązania StethoMe to profesjonalne wyroby medyczne posiadające certyfikat CE 2274 dla kategorii IIa.

W. KRUK is the oldest jewelery brand in Poland. It exists since 1840, when Leon Skrzetuski opened his workshop at 11 Wodna Street in Poznań. The 100th W.KRUK showroom was opened in Poznań in October 2016, which symbolically referred to the roots of the brand, including almost 180 years of history and experience. Today in Poznan there is a W.KRUK manufactory that creates: the brand icon, that is Jedyny® engagement ring and author's collections.

The history of the YES brand in Poznań dates back to 1993, when the first retail stores were opened in the city. Currently, there are over 140 in all of Poland, and the brand employs over 500 people. YES also has the largest wholesale warehouse in Poland, supplying over 800 jewelery stores from all over Poland and exporting, among others, to the Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden.

Żabka is the largest convenience store chain in the CEE region, with 23 years of market presence in Poland. Its functioning is based on such ideas as proximity and convenience for customers, who can do fast shopping in over 7,000 stores and take advantage of a broad service package. Stores under Żabka brand are run by over 5600 franchisees, securing jobs to approx. 25,000 employees.