How we can help you?

The Investor Relations Department provides complex services to investors of the priority sectors for the City of Poznan and is responsible for the promotion of the investment potential of Poznan, including urban properties.

We provide investors with support under the one-stop shop formula. How does it look in practice?

- we organize an investor's visit to Poznan,

- we organize meetings with representatives of the authorities of the City,

- we organize meetings with representatives of universities,

- we present the current offer of urban properties,

- we assist in finding appropriate office space,

- we organize an opening press conference,

- we jointly shape a positive image of the investor,

- we provide support at each stage of economic activity and we address current needs.

The priority sectors for the City of Poznan are:

- the sector of modern services,

- the IT and R&D sector,

- the sector of technologically advanced production.

These sectors create attractive career opportunities, for graduates of local universities.

The Investor Relations Department is responsible for the economic promotion of the City of Poznan, specifically in other countries. We are also a contact point for residential developers and investors of the hotel sector.

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