The Third Edition Of The Pozitive Technologies 2021 Conference Took Place!

On November 18, another edition of the event concerning new technologies and the IT sector took place, i.e. Pozitive Technologies 2021. This year, over 1,000 people registered for the conference. participants.

The third edition of the Pozitive Technologies 2021 conference took place - grafika artykułu
The third edition of the Pozitive Technologies 2021 conference took place

This year's edition of the Pozitive Technologies event is very popular among participants from the IT and new technologies industry. This is evidenced by the number of people who registered for the event - over 1,000. people from Poland as well as from abroad. Presentations by invited experts took place on five stages divided into thematic tracks, as well as on the main stage.

During almost 50 lectures, the participants learned about the practical application, specific examples of technological implementations, and good practices. There were also two expert debates on the agenda. The first panel concerned the use of cloud technologies in business. This is now a necessary solution, but one must bear in mind the challenges that come with it. Listening to the second discussion, you could learn how to successfully develop a technology startup and who can help with it. Many well-known companies were launched in Poznań, which today are a symbol of success and have users all over Poland and even around the world. A good example is Allegro or Żabka. The city of Poznań also fits in with the current trends and offers its residents innovative solutions. From the speech of the City's representative, we learned how the Smart City application facilitates the communication of residents with the office.

On the main stage appeared, among others Aleksandra Przegalińska from the Kozminski University, dealing with the philosophy of artificial intelligence. During the presentation "Ethics of emerging technologies", she mentioned technological solutions used in business and in everyday life, as well as regulations concerning security and data protection. The concerns are connected with responsibility for decisions and actions taken with the use of artificial intelligence.

One of the speakers on the Mobile stage is Wojciech Kułaga from Inpost. During his speech, "InPost Mobile, or how to create an application that millions use", he presented the technological development of Parcel Lockers, as well as the mobile application, and explained where specific decisions about changes in the software came from.

Tomasz Stachlewski from Amazon Web Services appeared on the DevOps scene. During the presentation entitled "Is it a dog or a pig - artificial intelligence in action!" he showed participants of the conference live how to build their own models of artificial intelligence step by step.

Everyone involved in the organization of the conference is very pleased with its course, participants' activity and interesting, substantive discussions. The event's partners and the organizer, the City of Poznań, are satisfied with the results of their cooperation.

- In Poznań, we value and promote such values ​​as openness and diversity. We conduct a dialogue not only with social institutions, working together on the improvement of the quality of life in the city. We also talk and cooperate with the business community to jointly attract the best specialists and unique projects. This is how the Pozitive Technologies conference was created by the City of Poznań in cooperation with IT companies. I can proudly say that it is one of the most substantive events in the technology industry, which is now permanent on the calendar of IT specialists from all over Poland. This year, for safety reasons, the conference is completely online, but I believe that next year we will meet in Poznań live - says Jacek Jaśkowiak, Mayor of the City of Poznań.

The main organizer of Pozitive Technologies 2021 is Poznań - the city of business and technology.

The event is co-organized by Eventclick sp.z o.o. from Krakow.

The Żabka chain of stores is a strategic partner.

The infoShare Academy is the partner of the workshop.

The partners of the event are Allegro, GSK, Capgemini, SONALAKE, Summ-IT, Fandom, GFT, IT Integro, EGNYTE, Merixstudio, Sollers Consulting, Intive and Lumen.

The supporting partner is Wielkopolskie Centrum Wspierania Inwestycji, INNERGO, Next IT, PRESS-SERVICE Monitoring Mediów.

The media patronage over the event is held by Wyborcza Poznań, Radio Poznań, MC Radio, Radio Emaus,, Benchmark, Nasz Głos Poznań.

Community partners are CrossWeb, DailyWeb, Focus On Business Created by Pro Proressio, Re: view, YouNick Technology Park, Direct IT, DataCommunity, Lepczyński IT, Marketing i Biznes, Mam StartUp, Nowy Marketing, WrocNET, IT-Leaders, Let's talk about IT, JustGeek.IT, JustJoin.IT, WSEI Postgraduate Studies, DevEnv, IT Corner, AlterWeb, Enigma Cipher Center, Wielkopolska Technology Cluster.

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