Find a job in Poznan!

In cooperation with employers from Poznań, we have prepared another edition of the folder "Find a job in Poznań!". We have collected offers from over 20 companies from the manufacturing industry, the business service sector (finance, accounting, customer service, marketing) and the IT industry. A total of over 100 job offers!

Download the folder "Find a job in Poznań" - grafika artykułu
Download the folder "Find a job in Poznań"

In the publication, we have collected a variety of job offers for:

  • students or graduates who are just starting their professional careers,
  • for employees with experience,
  • but also for people who want to change industries.

In addition, we have marked with appropriate symbols companies that are looking for interns, as well as those that employ foreigners without knowing Polish (or with basic skills in this area).

Among the employers there were, among others Bridgestone, Capgemini, Franklin Templeton, GSK Tech, Miele, Rockwool, or Sii.

Despite the pandemic, the job market in Poznań is constantly developing. The modern services sector is growing, employing over 20,000 employees. The IT industry is also developing dynamically.

Everyone who is currently looking for a job in Poznań, should download the folder. We keep our fingers crossed for successful recruitment!

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