The Poznań Branch Of Capgemini Plans To Double Employment

Intensive recruitment and searching for IT specialists with English for the first time on a such scale - the Poznań branch of Capgemini is celebrating its fifth anniversary, revealing plans for the future. - The business services sector and the IT industry in the capital of the Wielkopolska region are growing dynamically, and Capgemini is one of the largest employers in this market. We are glad that the company is successful, plans to develop and intensify cooperation with the city and universities - emphasize the authorities of Poznań.

Capgemini celebrates five years in Poznań - grafika artykułu
Capgemini celebrates five years in Poznań

Capgemini announced the increase in employment during a press conference at the company's headquarters.

Capgemini is one of the world's largest providers of business services, and its Poznań headquarters currently employs over 400 IT specialists, mainly programmers and testers dealing with software development. Experts from Capgemini Software Solutions Center design, create, test, and implement individual IT solutions based on recognized technologies and frameworks, including JAVA, JavaScript,.NET, database platforms, Business Intelligence, and mobile technologies. In the last five years, they have implemented about 100 projects for over 40 world-famous companies from the automotive, telecommunications, logistics, banking, and public sectors, including those supporting critical business systems. The company's portfolio is still developing and the demand for new specialists is growing.

- We see the growing importance of cloud services, artificial intelligence, automation, and robotization, as well as readable, easy-to-use web and mobile applications. We know that this is the direction our clients are following, and for this type of project, we need talented, ambitious, and well-educated employees. There is no shortage of them in the capital of Wielkopolska - we have a chance to observe it during recruitment, the quality of which remains at a high level. This translates into the quality of services provided and allows to effectively achieve the goals. In conjunction with the potential of Poznań and the city's openness to cooperation with business, each party gains enormous opportunities and we want to draw from this potential and develop it in the coming years - says Michał Mikucki, director of Capgemini Poznań.         

The company has just announced that it is looking for new specialists, and plans to double employment in Poznań in the next five years. Capgemini also wants to develop cooperation with the city and Poznań universities.

- We are opening recruitment for IT specialists with the knowledge of English for the first time in Poznań. So far, due to the nature of the projects, we have employed mainly German-speaking experts here and we are still open to such candidates. We are also looking for people at the junior level, but specialists with English are the most important goal of our recruitment. Capgemini in Poznań is still growing, we offer work on interesting projects, modern technologies, in a team culture that supports development. We are currently working on a hybrid model, but our offices are still open to people who prefer to work directly from the company's headquarters. This model provides great flexibility - adds Monika Cwynar-Kępa, HR director at Capgemini Software Solutions Center.         

Newly hired people will have the opportunity to work, among others in IT projects for the following industries: automotive, logistics, energy, industrial, financial, procurement, and the public sector. Among the examples of activities, they will join are: work in an international team on creating a solution based on modern architecture for payments and settlements for the American credit card network. Working for Capgemini is also an opportunity to participate in a number of attractive projects for many industries, conducted in modern technologies, using the cloud or artificial intelligence.

The business supported by the city's potential

As Capgemini representatives indicate, the decision to locate and develop the Software Solutions Center in the capital of Wielkopolska region is dictated by, i.a. very high quality of education, and thus - a high level of competencies of candidates in the region. The Poznań authorities emphasize that supporting the development of the business services sector is an important element of the city's strategy.

- Our data shows that over 21,500 employees are currently employed in 120 business service centers on the Poznań market. The sector has developed dynamically in recent years - 50% of jobs have been generated in the last 4 years. We are glad that companies such as Capgemini see the advantages of Poznań and decide to develop their headquarters here. In addition to human potential, we also offer them a friendly environment for the development of investments and support through joint activities. Our cooperation with Capgemini is an example of effective activities which benefit both parties. Thanks to mutual understanding, we have created an atmosphere in which business is developing perfectly, and the newly created jobs give the residents of our city a chance to work in a promising industry, with interesting, international challenges - says Bartosz Guss, Deputy Mayor of Poznań.

The joint activities of the company and the city include co-creating one of the largest IT conferences in Poland - Pozitive Technologies. Capgemini also cooperates with the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań by teaching programming and testing. The firm is also a member of the Employers' Council at the Faculty of Computer Science of the Poznań University of Technology. In the third quarter of last year, Capgemini and the City of Poznań joined together the 100 Intelligent Cities Challenge initiative. It is part of the EU support system that helps realize promises made under the European Green Deal and the digital strategy.

- Intelligent Cities Challenge is an initiative of the European Commission that supports 136 cities in using the latest technologies to conduct intelligent, ecological, and socially responsible development. Selected cities and their local ecosystems are to be the engine of revival for the local economy, create new jobs, strengthen the involvement of residents, and improve the quality of life. Cities receive individual strategic advice from international experts in the field of green economy, digitization of public administration, the resilience of local supply chains, or re-training of the workforce. The initiative aims to move towards a more digital, service-oriented, and low-carbon economy supported by a knowledge-based society. Together with the City of Poznań, the project team creates the Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center and the Altum Foundation. The business partners are Capgemini Software Solutions Center, INEA, and Take & Drive. In addition, three Poznań universities are taking part in the initiative - says Dimitrios Haracaris, project manager at Capgemini, a lead expert at ICC for the City of Poznań.      


Five years of Capgemini in Poznań

The fifth anniversary of the Capgemini branch in Poznań is also an opportunity to summarize the achievements so far. The organization employs programmers in Poznań working with object-oriented languages, such as Java or.NET, people working with cloud technologies or microservices. The Software Solutions Center branch delivers about 100 projects for key clients of the global market. Interestingly, Capgemini Software Solutions Center also implements projects that require the highest security in terms of access to information. Employees who participate in these specific activities must therefore have a second level of security clearance (access to classified data) issued by the Internal Security Agency.

- Five years of Capgemini in Poznań is a time of intense and satisfying development. We can boast of fruitful cooperation with clients, to whom we guarantee uninterrupted implementation of many, also sensitive projects. These are projects of high complexity, implemented by distributed teams operating in several global locations. Projects involving the construction of new systems are usually implemented using an agile approach with direct cooperation on the part of the client's business. Modern web technologies prevail, and Capgemini is responsible for creating the right architecture, taking into account already existing systems and the overall implementation - says Michał Mikucki, director of Capgemini Software Solutions Center in Poznań.   

Examples of Capgemini's implementation from the last five years include an agile mobile project, built for Windows for a German insurance company. The task of the system is to merge three existing separate applications that are currently used by insurance agents from four regions of Germany for the purpose of selling insurance. The company's portfolio also includes a project implemented for the German leader in the telecommunications industry - Deutsche Telekom. Its purpose is to create and develop a management system for the expansion of the optical fiber network (gigabit internet). More than 20 teams from four countries are working on the project, including three Capgemini teams, which were made up mostly of members of the Poznań branch.

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