Prof. Christoph Hartmann (Germany) 12.12.2014

The Academy of Music and the City of Poznań invite everyone to an open lecture which will be presented by Prof. Christoph Hartmann (Berliner Philharmoniker). The lecture "Oboe in German music" will be held on Friday, December 12th, 2014 at 3:00 p.m., chamber room, the Academy of Music, ul. Św. Marcina 87).

Professor Christoph Hartmann will also lead a master's course for students and will participate in the concert summing up the workshops.

Schedule of the event:


10 December Sala Akademii (Wednesday) at 11.00 AM-02.00 PM and 04.00 PM-07.00 PM

11 December Sala Marszałkowska (Thursday) at 10.00-13.00

11 December Sala Prezydencka (Thursday) at 15.00-18.00

12 December Sala Kameralna (Friday) at 10.00-13.00

Open lecture and concert

12 December at 03.00 PM lecture by Prof. Ch. Hartmann "Oboe in German music"

12 December at 05.00 PM-07.00 PM Concert of the participants of the workshops


"Live your dreams!" This is Christoph Hartmann's credo. This oboist, born in Bavaria in 1965 makes music, runs and cycles with enthusiasm, commitment and pleasure. Thanks to these passions he finds inspirations to make one dream after the other come true.

His parents supported and promoted his hobby. The fact that their son began to play oboe was a pure coincidence and was associated with the creation of oboe class in the local music school. Since the first contact with this instrument, playing it became a lifelong passion for Christoph. He soon joined the Conservatory in Augsburg in the class of George Fischer and later passed to study in Munich with Prof. Günther Passin. Before graduation in 1991, he became a soloist in the group of oboes in the Stuttgart Philharmonic, however within next year he passed to the highest category orchestra, to Berlin Philharmonic.

Since then, Christoph Hartmann enjoys a fulfilled life as a musician playing orchestra and chamber music, he teaches Herbert von Karajan Academy in Berlin, he is a soloist, conducts master courses and looks for unknown works for his instrument in numerous archives and libraries.

Another passion of Christoph Hartmann is sport. He regularly participates in marathons, he is a co-owner of a bicycle store and he even created his own bicycle brand: "Pasculli". This name constitutes a symbolic connection of Christoph's interests for the name comes from the name of an oboe virtuoso Antonio Pasculli whose manuscripts Hartmann discovered in one of Italian libraries. Hartmann has contributed to the fact that the works of this Italian composer shall not be forgotten. CD issued in 2007 for EMI "Fantasta Italiana" with operatic phrases of Pasculli has gained a huge critical and public acclaim.

Another one of Christoph's great passions, in this case, for chamber music, resulted in the creation small but exclusive summer festivals in his hometown. They have been taking place since 1999 in Landsberg. The concept of creating top-level music in a nice atmosphere is so convincing that many excellent musicians have performed in the course of these festivals. What is more, this cooperation developed into a fixed team of "Ensemble Berlin". It was during an international tours with this ensemble that Christoph Hartmann presented his solo album "Bella Napoli", which was published in April 2008.


"Bella Napoli" has been awarded by a British music magazine, Grammphone.

Christoph Hartmann has been distinguished for the continuation of artistic efforts by Italian city of Bettola.

The artist was also awarded with a gold decoration of "Dominikus Zimmermann Rocaile" for valuable contribution into cultural life of his hometown - Landsberg and of the Landsberg region.

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