Prof. Maciej S. Buchowski (USA) 27.10.2015

The City of Poznań and University of Life Sciences invite to an open lecture by prof. Maciej S. Buchowski from Vanderbilt University in Nashville (USA) entitled: "Energy balance in humans: science and health", which will take place on 27 October 2015 at 1:00 PM in Runge College, ul. Wojska Polskiego 52, Poznań.

Maciej S. Buchowski, Ph.D. - graduate of the University of Life Sciences in Poznań, is currently a professor at the Departments of Medicine and Pediatrics at Vanderbilt University. His research covers several areas of human nutrition science starting from basic research through clinical tests up to epidemiological research. He is an expert in the field of metabolism and energy balance in the human body.

Prof. Buchowski is the author of more than 100 publications, for instance, in magazines: Obesity, PLOS Medicine, Pediatrics that have been cited more than 2000 times. It is also the editor and reviewer for over 30 scientific magazines. Scientific activity of prof. Buchowski also includes reviewing grants for National Institutes of Health (USA), Research Councils and Diabetes England (UK), the Ministry of Education and Science in Romania and the Swiss National Science Foundation (Switzerland).

The lecture of prof. Maciej Buchowski will concern the use of food supplements from the perspective of the current knowledge about health.

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