Prof. Jonathan Culpeper (UK) 30.05.2012

The City of Poznań and the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań invite you to open lectures by an eminent linguist, and the creator of modern linguistic theories at the University of Lancaster.

The lecture entitled: "Reality and fiction in an interpersonal conflict in the film" Scent of a Woman"" will take place on May 30, 2012 at 5:00 pm in Sala Senacka (Senate Hall) UAM, ul. Wieniawskiego 1.

Professor Jonathan Culpeper Ph.D. is a linguist and the creator of modern linguistic theories at the University of Lancaster in England. His scientific research concentrates on pragmatics, the field describing the dynamics of social interactions. Jonathan Culpeper is the creator of the theory of impoliteness applied in verbal communication to the aware and purposeful attack on the "face" of the co-speaker. The fruit of his recent research in the field of pragmatics is the publication "Impoliteness: Using Language to Cause Offence" (2011), published by Cambridge University Press. Another field of interest is historic pragmatics, which applies pragmatic theories to the analysis of historic texts and documents, about which one can learn from the book entitled "Early Modern English Dialogues: Spoken Interaction as Writing" (2010), published by Cambridge University Press. Professor Culpeper is the editor-in chief of the prestigious British magazine Journal of Pragmatics, as well as the member of the organization PaSTY (Pragmatics and Stylistics Research Group) and UCREL (University Centre for Computer Corpus Research on Language).

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