Prof. Wolfgang Lamers (Germany) 02.12.2015

University of Adam Mickiewicz and Poznań City Hall invite to an open lecture entitled "Regardless of what a child is like, it has the right to learn everything what is the most important about the world because it lives in it" (Georg Feuser) (in German: "Egal, wie ein Kind beschaffen ist, es hat das Recht, alles Wichtige über die Welt zu erfahren, weil es in dieser Welt lebt"). The lecture will be delivered by Professor Wolfgang Lamers, an outstanding German special teacher on 2nd December Adam Mickiewicz University, Department of Educational Studies, ul. Szamarzewskiego 89, Assembly Hall, building D at 9:30 AM.

The lecture will be delivered with a prior approval of the Poznań City Hall as a part of the 1st International Seminar about: "A person with a deep intellectual disability in the education system" organized by the Special Education Studies of the Department of Educational Studies of University of Adam Mickiewicz.

Professor Wolfgang Lamers is an outstanding German special teacher. In 1998 - 2011 he was a head of the Institute of Special Pedagogy and Pedagogy of Persons with Multiple Disabilities of the Pedagogical University of Heidleberg. Since 2011 he has been managing the Department of Pedagogy of Persons with More Severe Intellectual Disability of the Institute of Rehabilitation Studies of the Humboldt University in Berlin.

Professor Lamers' research interests concern the area of education and rehabilitation of persons with moderate, severe and severe intellectual disability. They are reflected in numerous monographs and scientific articles wrote by the Professor.

Together with his co-workers, Professor Lamers has created an adaptation of the concept of formal and material education by an outstanding German didactics Wolfgang Klafka for educational and therapeutic work with persons with moderate, severe and severe intellectual disability - the method Bildung mit ForMat. The method developed by Professor Lamers and his team enables introduction of a person with intellectual disability to a broadly understood culture and creates the possibilities of full participation therein. It is successfully used by German special teachers in educational and therapeutic work with people with deep and severe intellectual disability. Professor Lamers is also the author of the model of preparation of persons with moderate and severe intellectual disability for professional work and supporting them at a workplace. This model is applied in pedagogical and rehabilitation practice in Germany.

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