Prof. Krzysztof Bieliński (Poland) - 08.11.2021

The Faculty of Theology of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and the City of Poznań invite to two open lectures which will take place on November 8 and 9, 2021 at 12.00 noon. The lectures will be given by prof. Krzysztof Bieliński entitled "The synodal discernment of God's presence in the "wounded world". The lectures' broadcast can be watched here.

Prof. Ph.D. Krzysztof Bieliński deals with biblical moral theology. A special direction of personal interests and studies is moral teaching in the double work of St. Luke and Corpus Paulinum. Among other things, he gives lectures on: Jesus the teacher of the moral life. The timeliness of the Luke's Gospel; The Christian community in the face of the world. Topicality of the moral message of the Acts of the Apostles; Community discernment according to St. Paul in the optics of the "new law". Many publications published in renowned theological periodicals were devoted to these issues. He also participated in international conferences, delivering conferences. He speaks, apart from his native Polish, three languages: German, Italian and English.

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