Prof. Peter Schieberle (Germany) 12.06.2015

Poznań University of Life Sciences and the City of Poznań invite you to the open lecture by Prof. Peter Schieberle of Technical University of Munich - one of the most distinguished specialists in the field of aroma compounds in food.

Lecture entitled "The Chemistry of Food Flavors: Simply Pleasure or Beyond?" will take place on Friday, 12 June 2015 at 12 o'clock in Kolegium Rungego, 52 Wojska Polskiego Street.

Professor Schieberle has been an editor of the Journal of Agricultutral and Food Chemistry for 13 years and a co-author of the "Food chemistry" textbook.

Prof. Peter Schieberle is a pioneer of sensomic approach in the analysis of aroma compounds in food, based on analytical chemistry and sensory analysis. He is the founder of the best research centre of flavour and aroma compounds chemistry (TUM), author of 304 publications (Web of Science), he was quoted 6861 times. His Hirsh index is 48.

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