Prof. Martin Hilpert (Francce) - 19.11.2021

The Faculty of English and the City of Poznań invite to an open lecture by prof. Martin Hilpert entitled "Behind the words. On the new cognitive science of language". The lecture will be held on November 19, 2021 at 11:30 a.m. in Sala Górna [Main Room], Collegium Heliodori Święcicki in Poznań.

Professor Martin Hilpert from the Université de Neuchâtel is a respected cognitive linguist specialising in the empirical - mainly corpus - research on the changes in language and on the grammar of linguistic constructs. Such research allows to better understand the structure of the language and the mechanisms governing it, but also to learn more about the relationships between the language and mind, and even the socio-cultural context. Prof., Ph.D. Hilpert is the author of nearly eighty scientific articles in recognised journals and thematic collections, and several monographs published in top-class scientific publications, such as the Cambridge University Press, the Edinburgh University Press and John Benjamins. In the last eight years alone, he has delivered 15 plenary lectures in different countries in Europe, Asia and South America. Moreover, he presented the results of his research at more than sixty conferences around the world.

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