Prof. Timo Vesala (Finland) 2.10.2019

The University of Life Sciences and the City of Poznan invite for an open lecture by professor Timo Vesala, entitled "Timber harvesting versus climate in the context of social debate". The lecture will take place on 2 October 2019 at 18:00 in Collegium Rungego in the University of Life Sciences.

Professor Timo Vesala is professor of meteorology at the Faculty of Physics at the Helsinki University and professor of the Academy of Finland. World renown scientist researching impact of meteorological conditions on functioning of terrestrial environments. His scientific activities focus on research concerning heat and gas balances (also greenhouse) both in the green and urbanised areas. His publications facilitated development of modern research on interactions between atmosphere and terrestrial ecosystems. They also constitute the basis for forecasting changes in functioning of the system Earth-Atmosphere in the forthcoming climatic conditions.

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