Prof. Klaus von Klitzing (Germany) 09.09.2013

Prof. Klaus von Klitzing (Germany) 09.09.2013

The City of Poznań and the Poznań University of Technology cordially invite you to an open lecture by Prof. Klaus von Klitzing, a Nobel Llaureate in Physics.

His lecture entitled "Fudnamental constants: A new basis for our international system of units!?" will take place on 9 Septemeber 2013 at 10.00 a.m. in the Lecture and Conference Centre of thePoznańUniversityof Technology inPiotrowo Street.

Born in Środa Wielkopolska Prof. Klaus von Klitzing was awarded by the Swedish Academy in 1985 for discovering the integer quantum Hall Effect.

Prof. Klaus von Klintzing was born near the city of Poznań in Środa Wielkopolska. In 1985 he won the Nobel Prize in Physics for discovering the integer quantum Hall Effect, which is a quantum-mechanical version of the Hall effect, observed in two-dimensional electron systems subjected to low temperatures and strong magnetic fields.

The phenomenon discovered by Prof. Klaus von Klitzing has taken into consideration the definition of a new practical standard for electrical resistance, based on the resistance quantum given by the von Klitzing constant RK = h/e2 = 25812.807557 (18) Ω. Mentioned costant is listed in the National Institute of Standards and Technology Reference on Constants, Units, and Uncertainty.

Since 1985 Prof. Von Klitzing has been a director of the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research in Stuttgart.

His upcoming lecture will innaugurate the 42th Congress of Polish Physicists.

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