Prof. Ernest R. Blatchley III (USA) 14.05.2019

Poznan University of Technology and City of Poznan invite for an open lecture, entitled: Effects of Swimmers on Swimming Pool Chemistry... and Vice Versa, which will be delivered by Prof. Ernest R. Blatchley III. The lecture will start at 11:00, on Tuesday 14.05.2019, in hall 123 of the Technical Library of the Poznan University of Technology (ul. Piotrowo 2). The lecture will draw attention to how swimming pool users, with their behaviour, may improve or worsen the condition of water and air at the pool hall.

Ernest R. Blatchley is professor Lee A. Rieth in the field of Technical Sciences at the Purdue University. The professor conducts scientific research related with physical and chemical processes used in environmental engineering. He is responsible for inter-faculty laboratory and research group (Lyles School of Civil Engineering and the Division of Environmental & Ecologcial Engineering).

Professor Blatchley and his co-workers have significantly contributed to development of environmental engineering within the scope of photochemical reactors theory and chemistry of water disinfectant by-products. At present, many producers of the UV photoreactors uses numerical and analytical methods developed by the Blatchley group, when designing them. Additionally, work of Professor Blatchley's team has contributed to development of new analytical methods facilitating marking disinfection by-products in water. Unquestionably, understanding of the mechanism of creation of disinfection by-products in swimming pool water has expedited the possibility of using UV radiation for disinfection of water intended for human consumption.

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