Prof. Toril Aalberg & prof. Nicoleta Corbu (Norway & Romania) 12.09.2019

The Faculty of Political Sciences and Journalism of Adam Mickiewicz's University and the City of Poznan invite for an open lecture by prof. TORIL AALBERG & prof. NICOLETY CORBU, entitled "Populist political communication: The need for comparative insight across borders. Western and Eastern European perspectives". Idea of the lecture is to present two perspectives by two researchers. The lecture will take place on 12 September at 12:00 in hall 121 at the Faculty of Political Sciences and Journalism, ul. Uniwersytetu Poznańskiego 5, Campus Morasko Poznań.

Prof. TORIL AALBERG is professor of political sciences and director of the Department of Sociology and Political Science of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim (Norway). In 2014-2018 she presided the Management Committee for Action COST IS 1308 entitled Populist Political Communication in Europe: Comprehending the Challenge of Mediated Political Populism for Democratic Politics. She is a member of NEPOCS: Network of European Political Communication Scholars and EVPOC research group: Elections, Values and Political Communication (concerning researching emotions and values in political communication). Prof. T. Aalberg is the author and editor of 9 books, including: Challenges to Representative Democracy (1999), Communicating Politics (2007), How Media Inform Democracy (2012), Populist Political Communication in Europe (2016) and Communicating Populism (2019). She is also the author or co-author of numerous scientific articles published in prestigious magazines, such as: Electoral Studies, European Journal of Political Research, European Sociological Review, International Journal of Comparative Sociology, International Journal of Press/Politics and the International Political Science Review. The centre of her scientific interests are comparative analyses, studies on election campaigns, media influence on public opinion and relations between media and politics.

Prof. NICOLETA CORBU is professor in College of Communication and Public Relations at the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration in Bucharest (Romania). She serves as director of the Research Centre on Communication. In 2012- 2016 she served as Dean. Since 2013, she is a member of the Council of the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (Romanian institution dealing with surveying quality at universities). In 2008 -2009 she received the Fulbright grant in the USA (University of Georgia), while in 2012 she was a visiting professor at Florida Gulf Coast University. Her research interests include, such areas as studies on the media effect, political communication and European identity. She is the author, co-author or an editor of a few books, including "Telepresidents: An Inquiry into a Presidential Election" (2011), "The Crisis of the European Union: Identity, Citizenship, and Solidarity Reassessed" (2013) and "Identity and Intercultural Communication" (2014). In addition, she published more than 50 scientific articles and chapters in collective works. Since 2018 she is a member of NEPOCS: Network of European Political Communication Scholars.

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